Dr. Lokender Tiwari, Ph.D.


I am a Research Scientist, I lead Visual Computing Group @ TCS Research. Prior to joining TCS Research, I worked at NEC Laboratories America, with Prof. Manmohan Chandraker, Dr. Quoc-Huy Tran, and Dr. Pan Ji on self-improving framework for SLAM. I received my PhD from IIIT-Delhi, with the Doctoral Dissertation Award. I was advised by Dr. Saket Anand and funded by prestegious Visvesvarya PhD fellowship. I am the recipient of Chancellor’s Gold Medal for academic excellence in B.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) 2008-2012.

    email : lokender [dot] tiwari [@] tcs [dot] com , lokender.work [@] gmail [dot] com
    Research Interests: I actively research in the following areas
    • Geometric 3D Perception and Modelling
    • Neural Physics Based Simulation and Synthesis
    • Differentiable Graphics and Inverse Rendering
    • Generative 3D Modeling and Synthesis
    • Physics-Aware AR/VR/XR
    • Robust and Reliable Deep Learning


Invited Talks/Keynotes

  • [May, 2024] Invited talk on Unboxing Deep Neural Networks using Information Theory at VIT- Vellore
  • [Dec, 2023] Invited Guest Judge for the Project Showcase Event at Bennett University
  • [Jan, 2023] Invited talk on Robust Scene Understanding at 43rd Kaggle Days Meetup Delhi-NCR
  • [Nov, 2022] Invited talk on Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (Classical to Leaning Based) at IIT-Delhi hosted by Prof. Chetan Arora
  • [Oct, 2022] Invited talk on Metaverse: Current and The Future, a Visual Computing Perspective at Sushant University
  • [Oct, 2021] Keynote talk on Scene Understanding at BITCON 2021, BITS Durg



Professional Services (Programm Commitee Member and Reviewer)

  • CVPR, ICCV, ICML, ICLR, WACV, ICME, AAAI-2023, COMSNETS-2023, CVIU, TCSVT, Elsevier Pattern Recognition, IEEE Access, IEEE Sensors